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Financial Dispute Resolution Service helps resolve complaints between consumers and their financial service providers.


We are approved

We are an approved financial dispute resolution scheme in New Zealand, established under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.

Financial service providers must be on the Financial Service Providers Register, operated by the Companies Office, and be a member of an external dispute resolution scheme, such as Financial Dispute Resolution Service.


We are industry leaders

Thousands of financial service providers are already members of Financial Dispute Resolution Service.

Financial Dispute Resolution Service is part of FairWay Resolution Limited (Fair Way), New Zealand’s largest specialist conflict management company. The team includes specialist reviewers and accredited dispute resolution practitioners (adjudicators, facilitators, mediators and conciliators).

Fair Way handles over 16,000 disputes, reviews and enquiries each year, which means that we have the expertise and experience that you need.


We make it easy

Financial Dispute Resolution Service focuses on making it easier for consumers and financial service providers to resolve their disputes and move forward.

We promote clear, consistent, fair and transparent processes for all parties involved in a dispute.

We have a simple process for resolving issues, which includes an opportunity for both sides to resolve the complaint directly and some clear steps where the complaint cannot be resolved by the parties themselves.

We listen, assist and facilitate on behalf of both parties. This is especially important when one of our adjudicators is required to make a decision on a complaint.

We will keep you informed and advise you on the next steps throughout the process.


We focus on early resolution

We understand the stress and impact that disputes can cause. It can take an effect on an individual’s wellbeing, damage relationships and cause reputational damage.

That’s why Financial Dispute Resolution Service focuses on early resolution and helping our customers and their financial service provider to find a way forward. This often involves supporting financial service providers and their consumers to find their own way of resolving a complaint. Where a financial service provider and client can self-resolve an issue, there is a greater chance of the relationship remaining intact, and even strengthening. 


Our team are here to help

FairWay’s core mission is to help people in conflict move forward and our purpose is to lead the prevention and resolution of disputes. This reaffirms our commitment to supporting our customers. We understand that the stronger the relationship, the more understanding there is, and the better the engagement and business.

The Financial Dispute Resolution Service team is made of up of experienced adjudicators, mediators, facilitators, and our membership co-ordinator. 

Both consumers and our scheme members find our process easy to use, effective, and helpful.  Here are some of the comments we’ve received:

"The process was very clearly and thoroughly explained. I had a lot of questions about the lengthy process we had already been through before contacting [Financial Dispute Resolution Service] and how we could progress the situation, and what the next steps would be. These were all answered very clearly. [The Resolution Coordinator] was very helpful, informative, and answered all my questions. It was amazing after months of not knowing what to do for a plan actually to be formulated and put into action and have a time line around our situation. We wish we had contacted [Financial Dispute Resolution Service] months prior to when we did."

"Thank you, I liked the speed of feedback and implementation of agreed deadlines at all stages of the dispute."

"The process was excellent & the staff helpful & knowledgeable."

"Respond promptly when we have an enquiry. Solution based approach from staff. Very friendly and easy to work with."

"Everyone is easy to deal with."

"Good, open communication channel."