New Consumer Representative Appointed

Simon Roughton appointed to Financial Dispute Resolution Service’s Advisory Council

Updated 8 July 2020

Financial Dispute Resolution Service has announced the appointment of Simon Roughton to its Advisory Council.

Simon fills the previously vacant Consumer Representative role. The Advisory Council provides guidance and support to Financial Dispute Resolution Service. It comprises of an Independent Chair, two Industry Representatives and two Consumer Representatives.

Simon has a background in education and dispute resolution. He is an NMAS accredited mediator, conflict coach and Justice of the Peace. Simon is a Director of Orb Solutions Ltd, an organisation specialising in dispute resolution skills, training and mediation practice for government and non-government organisations.  He currently contracts to organisations, such as the Human Rights Commission as a mediator. He has previously resolved consumer disputes at the Office of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (now Utilities Disputes Ltd), and the Real Estate Authority.

In 2018, Simon undertook an independent review of the Financial Dispute Resolution Service on behalf of Orb Solutions, which means he is very familiar with the scheme and well placed to bring a consumer perspective to the Advisory Council.